Even with all the social media channels and app platforms out there for communication, email is still a big part of how we get things done. If you’re in your inbox throughout the day and are open to ways to make that experience smoother, Boomerang is worth looking at.

Boomerang for Gmail - Optimized Emails

Two of its biggest features you should know about are being able to schedule emails and an assistant that makes recommendations as you write emails. The second feature is newer, and probably appeals to more people.

Optimizing Your Email For More Likely Replies

There are articles and guides throughout the web giving advice on how long emails should be, how to address people, etc. But it’s a lot to remember.

What if you had an email plugin giving recommendations based off of machine learning from millions of messages. The data Boomerang has compiled tracks subject lengths, message lengths, number of questions asked, and more about the emails that get the most responses in general. If your subject is too long, if your message asks too many questions or is long-winded, Boomerang will make suggestions and show you an estimated score for replyability given what you have.

Learn more about how that works here.

This kind of thing is right up there with spellchecker and other tools to keep professional emails, well, professional.

Schedule an Email To Send Later

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Outlook you may have seen an option to schedule emails. It’s not one you may use often, but it sure is useful when you’re replying to an email in the evening to get it off your plate, but don’t necessarily want an evening time stamp. With that option, you can write it whenever, and schedule for the following morning. It will arrive in the recipient’s inbox first thing in the morning, but you got it off your mind beforehand.

Or maybe you want to send a reminder to someone, but the reminder won’t be needed for a few days. Set it and forget it.

With Boomerang for Gmail, you can do the same thing. I’ve used in a couple times when I’ve pulled a late night and thought of an email I needed to send around midnight. Obviously it looks weird to send a client an email in the middle of the night, so I set it to auto-send at 8am. Then I didn’t have to remember to send it in the morning, but reached the client just as they were opening their email.

How Does It Work?

It’s a plugin for Gmail. After you connect it to your Gmail account (which you can disconnect at any time if you wish) it will natively display Boomerang options on all new “Compose” windows. Simple.

Sound like something that’d help with your daily emails? Give it a try here.