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I blog about creative works, personal growth, tech and society, and my experiences in SEO & marketing. I also operate as The SEOptimist for SEO marketing tips and services. That site still exists, but I’ve started moving my new content efforts back to this site for simplicity.

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Fallout 4 Mod Review: Buttons

Today's mod review is another companion for Fallout 4: Buttons. When I first saw this one my interest was piqued, largely because 95% of the companion mods are always females and it's nice to see a non-vanilla male option. The mod author's description is lighthearted...

Fallout 4 Mod Review: Wastelander Barb Companion

Next up in the series of Fallout 4 mod reviews is Wastelander Barb. This mod found its way to the Nexus fairly early on, and was updated a few times to add features before seemingly being finished. I say finished that way because the mod author had mentioned other...

SpaceX’s Internet Satellites and Ubiquitous Access?

It's all over the news that SpaceX has received the go-ahead from the FCC for placing thousands of new internet-beaming satellites (dubbed the Starlink constellation) into orbit. At roughly 300-400 kilometers up, they'll be lower than some satellites, which SpaceX...

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