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I blog about creative works, personal growth, games, and my experiences in SEO & marketing. I’ve also founded The SEOptimist for SEO marketing tips and services.

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Airpods Max vs “Audiophile” Headphones – Do They Stand Up?

Airpods Max vs “Audiophile” Headphones – Do They Stand Up?

Some have called the Airpods Max another overpriced Apple gadget. Others have called them a masterpiece. As a headphone enthusiast I was excited to try them, particularly to suit my growing need for mobile listening. Their wide mesh headband, metallic piston arms, and...

Naenka Lite Pro Hands On Review – TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Naenka Lite Pro Hands On Review – TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

I've recently gotten far more active as far as daily walking and running goes, so having a good set of wireless earbuds is a need I hadn't considered in years. As an owner of version 2 of the Airpods, I was interested to experiment with some alternatives when the...

iPhone EQ Apps That Present As Free, But Aren’t

Having recently made the switch to an iPhone myself I was looking for EQ options that would bring my headphone experience at least a little closer to the LV V50's output (which admittedly is a big difference). Sadly, the built-in EQ in Settings->Music->EQ only seems...

A Little About Brian Watkins…

I’ve been a gamer since age 7, starting with Super Mario Bros. and Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest), which ended up shaping my imagination more than I could’ve known. My first tattoo was even of a dragon out of respect for roleplaying games and how I spent much of my childhood with my best friend.

Two of my greatest hobbies are music and speaker equipment, something I learned from my father early on and have dabbled with ever since.