If you run a website you probably already know that keeping your page load times as low as possible is important. Even if you don’t have a graphically intense site, images are usually among the largest things that load on any given page.

Compressed jpeg files have served the internet well for many years, but what if there was a way to squeeze that file size down even further?

JPEGmini is the answer to this question. The site has a simple upload interface that allows you to take any .jpg file and apply their process to it, generally reducing the file size by 2-5x while maintaining visual quality. For comparison, they have a slider on the finished result where you can see the original against the new version to verify the quality is unchanged or still acceptable.

As they point out in their site, the JPEGmini process works within the guidelines of .jpg files, so any image you convert through their site is still compatible with any software that can read .jpgs. What this means is that you can sometimes drastically reduce file size with no noticeable quality loss, and no one will know the difference.

Want some actual number examples? Earlier today I took a file that was 88KB and shrunk it to 23KB. If you have a whole page full of images, imagine the difference cutting each of their file sizes more than in half would make.