Last year design concepts for the iPhone 6 brought involved the prospect of foldable displays. While the technology didn’t make it into the recently released Samsung Galaxy S5 as speculated, it is apparently in development for products to come. The concept of foldable displays could change the way we see mobile devices and tablets by allowing phones to expand to sizes well beyond the norm.

From what I’ve seen, additional section of screen fold behind the phone, keeping the side of the phone relatively consistent with what we’ve seen. This presumably saves battery life when a larger screen isn’t needed. The extended parts of the display could be swiveled around from the back of the phone and effectively widen the screen to more of a small tablet size.

The downside of such a design would be the increased difficulty of using a protective case. Even if the case were sized to fit the phone when folded up, it seems it’d be inconvenient to remove it from the case each time a screen unfolding was desired. If there’s a way to accomplish both easily, I guess we’ll see when manufacturers begin putting these screens out there.

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