“This Message Contains Blocked Content: Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.”

Delightfully mysterious, eh? I’ve had people ask me about this in the past, and more recently I’ve started seeing it firsthand.

If you’ve ever seen this message you’ve probably been shocked, scrutinizing every detail of your message and wondering how the hell your carefully worded message managed to offend someone badly enough that they’d report it. As I began to research the issue I came upon posts like this one, all essentially agreeing that more people see this message as a victim than as the offender.

There is probably absolutely nothing wrong with your post, what you said, or what you’re linking to. Nothing actually wrong. But that doesn’t mean some asshat with too much idle time didn’t start marking your posts as spam or, in this case, as “abusive”. This happens enough times and Facebook can get leery of things you post. If it starts seeing you make similar posts to ones people have flagged before, it may prevent you from even posting.

Here’s a not-so-hypothetical.

Suppose a legitimate brand is posting, business as usual, and then suddenly they find themselves content-blocked. Not every post, but frequently enough to be disruptive. The saboteur could be anyone — an ex-employee, a disgruntled ex-lover, a competitor, or even a bitter high school enemy who’s mad they have the time to exact lame revenge via Facebook while you’re busy making something of your life.

Since Facebook apparently has yet to implement a way to discern individuals who continuously flag non-spam as spam, and are therefore spammers themselves, this tactic makes a sadly effective smear campaign tactic.

Sure, you can block them from your page (personal or business). But let’s face it: anyone desperate and petty enough to make it a point to regularly scout out and flag everything you post is probably driven enough to log in as someone else or get a sympathetic friend to help.

If you think that has happened to you or a page you admin, here is where you can appeal it.