There’s trial and error in anything, but we can all shorthand our learning by following those with a track record of success. One blog in particular I can recommend is Neil Patel’s blog. There are a lot of SEO blogs out there; let me tell you why this one.

Nothing on Neil’s blog is conjecture. Every post draws upon statistics from all sorts of reputable agencies, or of course Neil’s own observations. We’re not talking short 300 word fluff posts with quick tidbits of advice like you find so many places, but comprehensive posts that really dive into the nuance of SEO.

That’s something that’s improved my own writing. Telling stories and relating lessons to things others can appreciate is important, but so are concrete examples and numbers. There’s a lot of bland writing out there with vague descriptors like “improve conversion” or “stronger ranking”, but what does that mean? Statements like “doing this thing leads to a 27% higher conversion rate” are not just more useful, but denote the kind of mastery you want to learn from.

Cutting through the jargon and blindly parroted advice is what I’m all about in developing brands and refining the technical ends of SEO campaigns. Neil’s material is pretty accessible for businesses and budding marketers, but it’s also in-depth enough for experienced SEOs that want to become better.

One of my favorite aspects about what Neil teaches is that he covers both the ranking and the conversion aspects of websites. That is to say, both attracting site visitors and techniques for turning them into customers. That’s been a personal philosophy of mine from my early foray into this world, but there’s always more to learn. Neil does a great job of breaking down complicated topics and giving clear steps toward a stronger website.

If you’re curious about tweaking your site’s design, writing stronger content, or simply improving your approach if it hasn’t gotten you the results you’d hoped, give a couple articles a read.