Personal Branding

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These days it seems like everyone in business has a personal web page, usually “”. I’d opted a few years ago for a creative title, and Dreaming In Abstract was born. I got a lot of thoughts out and some great feedback along the way, but I’d like to take that concept a step further.

When I’d first thought of a personal domain a year ago I’d been disappointed to find another Brian Watkins owned it already. I tried a .co suffix, but found that people got too confused and couldn’t remember it. You might get away with a .net, but for familiarity’s sake always grab a .com when you can. It occurred to me recently that including my middle initial helped identify me better in search results from others with my name, and so this domain was born.

I admit there does seem to be a vain component to having a blog under your own name, but I was sticking my name all over my other blog anyway…

The intention of this blog will be to take a midpoint between the deeply personal but sometimes unfocused posts of my other blog and my business blog. I hope to achieve a balance between creative stories and useful information on technology and business.