Rooting The Pantech BreakoutHere is an awesome step by step guide to admin your Pantech Breakout. This link includes every step needed as well as download links for all files required. I’ve included a couple things to remember that were a minor challenge for me:

  • Enabling USB debugging is done through Settings->Applications->Development
  • When you first connect the Pantech Breakout to your PC, run the autolaunch .exe that it prompts (I’d usually dismissed this and gone on to mass storage mode, but you need the drivers it will install with the autolaunch for installing a new recovery mod (CWM).
  • Once you’re in Clockwork Recovery, the volume up/down buttons move your selection up and down, and the camera button functions as “enter”.

Basically what’s going to happen is the following:

  1. You install a new recovery menu using USB debugging (flashing RecoveryAIO.bat to phone)
  2. You copy the admin zip file to the base directory of memory card
  3. You hard boot into the new recovery mode and execute the admin zip file
  4. Reboot your phone, now admined

“Okay, I’m admined. Now what?”

You may want to boot into the Clockword Mod recovery again and backup your current ROM to your SD card in case anything else you try causes issues. This allows you to return to this point where you’re stable.

Download “Titanium Backup” from the market (Google Play Store), which is free and will allow you to remove any app from your phone. This includes the long list of Verizon bloatware that you’ve probably been looking forward to deleting.

Update: There is now a custom ROM available for the Pantech Breakout that strips out all Verizon/Pantech apps and allows the phone to run much faster, available at Android Forums. As always, admin and install custom ROMs at your own risk.

Overclocking The Pantech Breakout?

You may want to download SetCPU as well. Until you’ve got some custom kernels you won’t be able to use this app to its max potential, but you can still create custom profiles to save battery life or make the CPU more aggressive in the mean time.

If this process worked for you, please share!