Twitter follow button, twitter stream, social media tipsI’ve seen “Follow Me” style Twitter buttons that can be placed anywhere. I want one!

There are a couple pages you should definitely look at that make doing this easy. First, visit the Twitter button page and input your handle/username. Change any other options you’d like, and it will generate a handy code you can paste into any blog post, page, or widget to give viewers an easy way to follow you!

See? Easy and functional. Remember, the easier it is for readers to interact with your content or share it the more likely they are to do so.

Showing Your Twitter Stream

Want to show your tweet stream as well? This gives readers on your site a chance to see your recent tweets, creating yet another opportunity for engagement.

Visit Twitter’s widget builder page and pick “Create New”. There you’ll have the chance to input your username and a few other options about how you want the stream widget to look. This adds some nice interactivity to your sidebar and is another opportunity for people to see your content or follow your page.

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