I talk about communication a lot on this blog, and since Youtube is increasingly becoming a hub for people to learn things and find entertainment, I thought I’d share some channels I enjoy regularly. These are a selection of my total list that I’d highly recommend for growth, learning, or just a laugh.

Youtube channel subscriptions

Science and Growth Channels

Actualized.org (Meditation, enlightenment, self reflection, etc. Very thoughtful advice on a variety of growth topics.)

Braincraft (Science -themed channel with host Vanessa Hill. Answers various intriguing questions about animals, biology, and communication.)

Charisma on Command (Want tips on being more personable or want to dissect what popular/successful/likeable people do? Insightful vids that are easy to digest.)

Felicia Ricci (Improve your singing with tips from a voice coach.)

Nerdist (for all kinds of science stuff – see the “Because Science” section in particular)

SciShow (Cool science channel from Hank of the Vlog Brothers.)

Sharkee (Good discussions of common science questions, particularly space)

Vsauce (The Youtuber legend. This post would be remiss without mentioning Michael Stevens. Covers all sorts of clever topics and questions that have never been asked before.)

Vsauce3 (Jake Roper follows a similar vein of Vsauce, but has his own cool take on different sorts of questions.)

Entertaining Channels

Cinema Sins (funny and clever catches of plot holes, lazy writing, and other critiques of recognizable movies)

Cracked (Pop culture, discussions on movies and themes, etc. See “After Hours” and “Honest Commercials” sections.)

Hickok45 (If you like guns, watching experienced people try just about every type of firearm imaginable, or just want to see some thoughtful reviews, check this out.)

The Film Theorists (Very in-depth analysis on movies about how plausible the science is, how believable characters are, etc. A great series.)

Treesicle (My favs are “The Story You Never Knew”. Very detailed deconstructions of recognizable game and movie characters from angles not often considered, and can give you a new appreciation for them as well as be entertaining.)