High-impact, no bullshit advice that knocks the wind out of you. When you find it, it tends to stick with you because it’s personal. It contrasts with the noise everywhere else. If it rehashes points you’ve heard before, it does so just the way you needed to hear it to take hold this time.

Those types of articles have a way of making you think they wrote it for you specifically. It might be a topic you’ve been thinking about, stressing over, or just talking to someone else about that day or week. Maybe it’s even a problem you thought was unique to you and are shocked to see someone singing your life with their words (not every day you get a Fugees reference).

Articles That Will Change The Way You Blog and/or Do Business

The first two are centered around writing and blogging primarily, but can still be useful if you do any kind of web-related business. The third applies to most people, and I consider these business must-reads.

How To Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers – If you haven’t found the success you’ve hoped for with your blog, you’re probably doing it wrong and this author makes no bones about things you need to keep in mind and things you need to stop telling yourself.

20 Ways To Be Another Mediocre Blogger No One Gives A Crap About – The reverse style of a tips-style post, listing the mistakes a lot of people make and why they will never lead to success online. Great read.

How To Survive in a Competitive World – Whether you blog or not, if you’re in the business or technology world this is an awesome summation of realities you need to come to terms with to be successful. You’ll find at least a couple that apply to you here, with succinct ways to improve upon them.

What do you think? Have an article that’s changed your life? Definitely share it!