Product Reviews For Retailers

One of the strongest ways of getting your products out there is expanding the collection of credible reviews out there about those products. Potential buyers trust a well-written review from a third party more than a manufacturer’s own writeups of specs etc. in many cases.

Looking for a knowledgeable reviewer who is passionate about electronics?

(Check out some of my other reviews here.)

Reviews I’ve written show up in Google search results, get traffic, and improve the visibility and use cases for those products. One of my favorite ways to approach that is to write from a perspective other reviewers don’t always cover, such as when I wrote about using DJ amps as DIY subwoofer amps.

I enjoy covering things like:

  • Speakers, amps, and stereo equipment
  • Headphones & headphone amps
  • DACs
  • Flashlights and pocket gadgets
  • Pocket knives
  • Computer equipment

Interested in sending me a review copy of a product in exchange for a written and/or video product review?

Let’s talk!

A little about how I like to work regarding product reviews…

I’m happy to entertain serious offers to review products when you, as a retailer or manufacturer, are willing to send the item. Reach out to me via this page and we can exchange information.

I generally ask that you give me a week from the date I receive the item. This way I can thoroughly test it, compile notes, and put together a thoughtful review that isn’t superficial.

You can expect both a written review on this site as well as a video review on YouTube, especially if you don’t require that I send the product back to you.

This tends to be a great win-win for both parties — especially if you have a special event or promotion coming up!