Terms of Use

I hate to have to get all formal on you, but in the digital age it’s a good idea to make some things clear. So here we go.

Unless otherwise specified, all written material on this site is the copyright of Brian Watkins (myself). If you like what you read and want to share it I encourage that, but do so with attribution and do not replicate a page or article in its entirety (even with attribution). Duplicate material on the web is bad, and let’s face it: it’s shady.

This includes the creation of derivative works, such as works that are essentially a copy/paste of material on this site with a few words changed or works that are not original and are for all intents and purposes a replication of material.

What is attribution? If you’re unfamiliar, the best practices for giving credit when using or referencing someone else’s online content are basically this:

  • If you’re quoting a sentence to a paragraph, include a link before or afterward referencing the page or article it came from originally.
  • If you’re inspired to write something based off of someone else’s written work, reference their piece with an anchor link as a preface. For example, something like “In a recent article I read I had an idea…” where the bold text is a link.

The second point is optional but always appreciated.

By using, reading, or continuing to engage with this site you agree to be bound by these terms. Violation of these terms is a violation of copyright and is subject to all ramifications, legal and otherwise.


Feel free to share or reference things you see here, just give proper attribution while you do it.