For a long time there didn’t seem to be a way to remove yourself from a Google Analytics channel; you had to have another admin remove you. The trouble with this in the past is that often users would run into the scenario where they no longer were able to get in touch with the other admins. It’s troublesome to have a bunch of old web properties in your dashboard for sites you no longer have anything to do with.

I’d read in one of Google’s forums that they’d added a way, but as of the time of this post I couldn’t find where the solution was shown. I ended up figuring it out myself and wanted to share here.

Log into your Google Analytics account and select the site property you’d like to remove yourself from, then click the “Admin” area along the top. Once you’re in there, find “User Management” in the left column.

How do I remove myself from a Google Analytics channel

Once you’ve selected User Management you’ll see a list of all the current admins, with a link/button to delete on the right hand side, as seen below:

Removing yourself from a Google Analytics property

In the picture you’ll see that it’s greyed out, but that’s because in this screenshot there is only one admin. If there were multiple admins, the Delete link would be active and allow you to delete yourself.

Note that after removing yourself it will try to refresh that page, which you now no longer have access to. This can sometimes cause it to show an error message, but if you click the Analytics logo in the upper left to return to your dashboard you’ll see that the site no longer shows up there anymore.

That’s it!

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Thanks for reading.

Brian Watkins