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I blog about creative works, personal growth, tech and society, and my experiences in SEO & marketing. I also operate as The SEOptimist for SEO marketing tips and services. That site still exists, but I’ve started moving my new content efforts back to this site for simplicity.

Latest posts

Heather Casdin: A Fallout 4 Companion Mod Review

When Fallout 4 mods first started appearing on the Nexus, there wasn't much to try as far as mod companions. Most were unvoiced and silent. So imagine everyone's excitement when Heather Casdin, made by the author of the extremely popular Willow mod for Fallout New...

Using SSD on Xbox One For Much Faster Gaming

How can the Xbox pack so much gaming power into a device so affordable, compared to building a gaming PC? Part of that answer is that it uses a 5400RPM hard drive, which by today's standards is pretty dated. It reduces production costs for sure, but with how massive...

Our New “TV” and the Generational Gap

For as long as watching TV has been a thing, saying that's what you were going to do pretty much meant the same idea. You sat in a chair and stared at a box receiving video from an antenna or through cable. Programming was organized by channels, each something of a...

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