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I blog about creative works, personal growth, tech and society, and my experiences in SEO & marketing. I also operate as The SEOptimist for SEO marketing tips and services. That site still exists, but I’ve started moving my new content efforts back to this site for simplicity.

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Kicker vs. Infinity Kappa: A Shootout With Two Old Subwoofers

Kicker vs. Infinity Kappa: A Shootout With Two Old Subwoofers

The short: I pit an old Kicker Comp VR 12" dual 4 ohm voice coil subwoofer (model CVR124) against an Infinity Kappa 12", also a dual 4 ohm voice coil (model 124.7w). The results surprised me. This is not another of those X vs. Y posts that lists a bunch of features...

The Machine and Her – Fallout 4 Mod Review

It's awesome after nearly five years to see the modding community for Fallout 4 still going strong, especially with mods as detailed as the one I'm going to talk about today. With a slew of hollow, un-voiced companions on the Nexus that are usually little more than...

Releasing Our Kryptonite

Releasing Our Kryptonite

Self forgiveness & finding a cause The last few months have felt transformative, and I'll be as honest about the journey as I can. But, like Tarantino, to make sense of it for you I'll first have to rewind a bit. I've been disillusioned about aspects of my work...

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