I’d been excited to leave town and visit family for Thanksgiving in any case, but sometimes the timing of a vacation is so apt that it seems like more than just a visit somewhere.

If asked to describe the last few months of my life I’d have to simply say “…interesting.” Not as a cop out answer, but more because I’m still processing a lot of it and am not sure what to make of some of it yet. I find myself in a transitional period of sorts, and a week away from the everyday stuff felt like just the thing.

In spite of the inevitable tidal wave I knew I’d be creating for myself by not looking at my email all week, it was important not to be chained to it for awhile. Though this did make coordinating certain things more difficult, there was a certain beauty in cutting myself off. Serious self reflection, the kind that only comes when the prying world disappears, was a dabbling but continuous boon.