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A Recommendation

Your choice of hosting matters.

Finding a host with reliable load speeds is an important place to start. I’ve used various hosts over the years, and have often seen where it’s snappy when it’s shiny and new, and probably when you’ve just launched the site and it doesn’t yet have plugins, customization, or much traffic.

But that can change pretty quickly once you’re rolling. How a host’s servers are set up to handle surges of traffic can determine whether your site crashes or goes down throughout a busy day.

Some of the more affordable hosting options rely on sheer volume to drive those prices, meaning that your site is on a server that might have a hundred other websites as well. Imagine what happens when several of those are getting a bunch of traffic at once.

Accelerate your experience.

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But speed is just one factor.

Are there options for site backups, staging areas, or quick access to customer support?

For me, the support is crucial. I’ve used hosts with archaic email ticketing systems where simple problems took days to fix. SiteGround on the other hand allows for chat support in addition to phone. 

I’ve used chat support several times and each time there’s basically no wait to get a tech, and they’ve always been able to solve my problems in under 10 minutes.

Whether you’re hosting one main money site or you have a list of client sites, that ability to get things sorted out quickly is huge.

This is my personal recommendation, one I give to new clients and friends alike. There are other very viable alternatives, but they tend to be far more expensive and not every user needs quite as many features as some of those require you to pay for.