Careerbuilder Upgrade Levels

Sometimes this type of advertising can work against you. What they’re trying to illustrate is how amazing their platinum and titanium services are, but with this same nifty graph what they’re also inadvertently doing is highlighting how comparatively ineffective their cheaper (or free) services are. Since the bulk of folks that use use the free service, convincing them to spend money at all is a challenge not best served in this fashion.

If we can see that the difference between copper through gold is marginal, why would anyone buy any of those? Now we’ve created too many choices just for the sake of having choices. And remember that adage: a confused mind doesn’t buy.

What this graph is also admitting is that their free service isn’t even worth mentioning. (You don’t even see that on there, do you?) Five seconds ago they touted how they were the best free job service out there, and now they’re basically admitting that without spending money you won’t get any results. Following this logic then, they’ve then just admitted they over-inflated the outcome of one service, so why should we believe what they’re claiming about another?