A friend posted something on Facebook this week that stuck with me, resonating with how I’ve been feeling. The image basically said, “Sometimes you feel like you’re buried, but you’re really being planted. There’s an opportunity to grow into something new.”

It seems it’s time for another parabolic shift, the kind of change we always feel coming off a plateau.

While it’s been true for longer than I’d care to admit, the fact that I’ve fallen woefully out of balance with the artistic side of myself has recently been suffocating. Like many things, a discomfort we’ve gotten used to becomes invisible until it chokes the life out of us.

Life’s been a nonstop barrage of SEO articles, marketing research, and teaching other people the same things in return. Hey, it’s fine work, but there has to be more than that. So obvious, but a maze I’ve spent the last two years navigating.

I haven’t failed outright at having hobbies, but they’ve been things I’ve enjoyed in private amidst my public world of marketing marketing marketing. It wasn’t my conscious intention to filter myself to the world to this degree, but as I take inventory I see that all I’ve really let anyone see during this dream is marketer and web guy.

Where was I in all that?

Do most people even know my interests in science, in studying the subtleties of communication and frames? In stories through video games and movies, of space, Star Wars and Mass Effect? Probably not.

Those are the types of silent joys I’ve taken for years, mostly in evenings and very late nights like as though I didn’t have permission to include them in my day. And when days started to blur together in a fog of work, it’s no surprise I didn’t recognize myself.

It’s like I as waiting for something. Like I needed to focus elsewhere until something happened. Needed to be something else until… until what? Life is purely what we make it and there is no later time it makes sense to embrace what we are.

It’s time to forge this blog into a real creative outlet again, to make posts a reflective piece of me rather than keyword/topic focused showcases.

To that end, I’ve also taken my digimorphosis concept into a platform for what impassions me. It’s a place to put all my non-business, non-SEO thoughts and interests. You can follow me on the network you prefer to be at:


Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you there! More coming.