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I blog about creative works, personal growth, games, and my experiences in SEO & marketing. I’ve also founded The SEOptimist for SEO marketing tips and services.

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DIY Project: Porting a JBL 550P Subwoofer

DIY Project: Porting a JBL 550P Subwoofer

I've have a JBL 550P for about 4 months at this point, but only used it for a few days of that time until yesterday. Reason being: I encountered the same issue others reported where there was an amp issue that caused a loud 60hz buzz when the unit powers on, even with...

Amping Up Subwoofers With The Rockville RPA12 1400W RMS Amplifier

Amping Up Subwoofers With The Rockville RPA12 1400W RMS Amplifier

Earlier this year I got my hands on a Dayton Audio Ultimax 15" subwoofer and paired it with a Crown XLS 1002 amplifier. It completely changed music and movies for me. Having that much reserve power for peaks gave percussive instruments and action movie scenes a...

A Little About Brian Watkins…

I’ve been a gamer since age 7, starting with Super Mario Bros. and Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest), which ended up shaping my imagination more than I could’ve known. My first tattoo was even of a dragon out of respect for roleplaying games and how I spent much of my childhood with my best friend.

Two of my greatest hobbies are music and speaker equipment, something I learned from my father early on and have dabbled with ever since.

Professional Credentials:

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English, and also studied philosophy and psychology. I’ve pursued ongoing learning about copywriting, web design, and SEO professionally since 2006.

Notable Continuing Education:

  • Nyght Falcon Photography training
  • Knowledge Business Blueprint Course (Tony Robbins)
  • The SEO Playbook Advanced SEO Course (Robbie Richards)