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I blog about creative works, personal growth, tech and society, and my experiences in SEO & marketing. I also operate as The SEOptimist for SEO marketing tips and services. That site still exists, but I’ve started moving my new content efforts back to this site for simplicity.

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Crown XLS1002 Review As A Subwoofer Amp

Crown XLS1002 Review As A Subwoofer Amp

First off, thanks to Sam Ash Music for the excellent deal on the Crown XLS1002 amp. Search any audio gear forum looking up DIY subwoofer topics and you'll see how popular it is for people to use amplifiers made for pro audio applications, much like Crown's lineup, in...

Small Subwoofers vs. Large Subwoofers

I've been into stereo equipment for most of my life, but to some degree had fallen out of it for awhile before recently diving back in with more vigor than ever. I tell you that to say this: I've spent months researching, reading, and scribbing down numbers and...

Hooking Up A Car Subwoofer and Amp In the House

Hooking Up A Car Subwoofer and Amp In the House

Maybe you had a car system at one point and had to switch cars, or maybe you upgraded the system and wondered what to do with the old one. Could you use it in your house to bolster your living room stereo, for instance? Yes you can with a fairly simple DIY project....

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