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Being Human: One Artist’s Reconnection

Artists draw their inspiration from their connection to the world. Things like “writer’s block” and other labels for being stuck are no surprise when we’ve gotten too comfortable. Too walled off or callous. Life has a way of slapping the smirk off our faces at strange times.

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The Ego of Meaningless Traffic

“More traffic is always better!” is a thought pattern that just won’t do the web a favor and crawl under a log. Yes, websites need traffic to accomplish anything. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in years of doing research for clients it’s this: the bulk of websites either parrot the same information or […]

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Important Starting Tips for SEO

In a recent discussion with David Wyatt of Design One Web, whom I’ve worked with for a couple years, we went into detail about some of the more important things someone learning SEO needs to know. These items were borne of my own trial and error as well as countless hours reading, researching, and testing. […]

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