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Social Media as a Relationship

I was having a conversation recently about the merits of social platforms on the internet and whether they were actually useful or positive. Some of the opinions I’ve heard before came up — ones like “Facebook is full of politics and cat videos” that I’ve agreed with before. But suddenly I found myself being contrary. […]

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The Power of Isolation

With all of our computers, smartphones, and tablets these days it’s easier than ever to get things done from pretty much anywhere. Add the cloud into that, and we’re connected virtually all the time. But there’s a downside to that: we’re connected virtually all the time. The effects of this sneak up on us. While […]

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The Cost of Minimum Tact

An Oasis Cafe has been in the business spotlight recently for taking out their frustrations about a raise in minimum wage on its customers. The gist: they’ve added a line item to all receipts entitled “Minimum Wage Fee” for $0.35. Their justification is that the $0.75/hour increase in wages will cost the company an additional $10,000 […]

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