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Being Human: One Artist’s Reconnection

Artists draw their inspiration from their connection to the world. Things like “writer’s block” and other labels for being stuck are no surprise when we’ve gotten too comfortable. Too walled off or callous. Life has a way of slapping the smirk off our faces at strange times.

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Why MLMs Could Be Hurting Your Business

I’ve met a lot of business owners involved in MLMs (multilevel marketing, aka network marketing) over the years. I’ve been in a few myself. I understand the temptation to create multiple irons in the fire, especially when a given MLM seems to align with your business. And what’s a little extra money, right? The negative drawbacks this […]

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3 Tips for Staying Motivated

Staying motivated can be tough. Particularly if you’re in a freelance/contract role or even in outside sales, being able to set your own schedule is probably part of your dream. But it can also be the reason it’s hard to stay focused. Here are a couple tricks that have worked for me. 1. Give yourself […]

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