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Social Media as a Relationship

I was having a conversation recently about the merits of social platforms on the internet and whether they were actually useful or positive. Some of the opinions I’ve heard before came up — ones like “Facebook is full of politics and cat videos” that I’ve agreed with before. But suddenly I found myself being contrary. […]

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Sometimes It Does Hurt To Ask

“The worst they can say is no. It doesn’t hurt to ask.” But sometimes it does. Seth Godin gave a great example of this in an interview on “Behind the Brand”, citing a ham-fisted email pitch that made him lose respect for the person sending it. When he politely declined, they replied with that cheerful […]

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Learning Is Forgetting

I hit the delete key and he was gone forever. The last piece of a past that’d haunted me. But more than just removing a toxic person from my life, I’d put aside another hurdle. That’s a concept that’s been percolating awhile for me, and have been putting into focus more over the last year or so. Remove […]

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Winning, and Learning

Everywhere you look there seems to be advice about how we learn through failure and why we should embrace it. I can see the merits to that — hell I’ve even blogged the platitude. But in a recent conversation it occurred to me that we often miss the other end. I know I did. We need […]

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