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Being Human: One Artist’s Reconnection

Artists draw their inspiration from their connection to the world. Things like “writer’s block” and other labels for being stuck are no surprise when we’ve gotten too comfortable. Too walled off or callous. Life has a way of slapping the smirk off our faces at strange times.

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A Return To The Raw

…the fact that I’ve fallen woefully out of balance with the artistic side of myself has recently been suffocating. Like many things, a discomfort we’ve gotten used to becomes invisible until it chokes the life out of us.

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The Carrot, The Stick, and The Collaborative Spirit

One of the greater challenges when things get tight is to keep living in the moment. Otherwise life becomes a series of future dates: due dates for bills, rent/mortgage, and when you expect paychecks. When we fall into this trap each day becomes living for those days in a frantic attempt to meet obligations. We need […]

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Do The Work, Don.

Work smarter, not harder — the worst advice ever given, said Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs on a recent podcast with Lewis Howes. As a piece of advice I’ve lived by for so long I was shaken and immensely curious for his explanation. I’ll recap a key part of it and recommend that you listen […]

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