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Being Human: One Artist’s Reconnection

Artists draw their inspiration from their connection to the world. Things like “writer’s block” and other labels for being stuck are no surprise when we’ve gotten too comfortable. Too walled off or callous. Life has a way of slapping the smirk off our faces at strange times.

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Learning Is Forgetting

I hit the delete key and he was gone forever. The last piece of a past that’d haunted me. But more than just removing a toxic person from my life, I’d put aside another hurdle. That’s a concept that’s been percolating awhile for me, and have been putting into focus more over the last year or so. Remove […]

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Winning, and Learning

Everywhere you look there seems to be advice about how we learn through failure and why we should embrace it. I can see the merits to that — hell I’ve even blogged the platitude. But in a recent conversation it occurred to me that we often miss the other end. I know I did. We need […]

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