Web and Marketing Consulting

Whether you’ve been considering redesigning your website, business cards, or other materials or simply want to give your existing efforts a bit more impact, sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance.

While I can certainly recommend some great designers and developers, many businesses have people in-house that can handle some of the branding tasks perfectly well with the right information. My job in those cases is to provide that information to the best of my ability.

SEO consulting - boost traffic and sales

Here are some scenarios where marketing consulting can be fruitful:

  • SEO setup and revamping. What is your site missing? What plugins/features would improve that and how do they work? How do you properly optimize site pages and what sorts of off-site measures need improvement?
  • Messaging. You know what your business does, but is that clear on your website and other collateral? Are you showcasing all the advantages to your products and services? Are you selling benefits more than just features? Most of all, is this messaging consistent? Clear messaging matters as much as any other element in your design.
  • Social media consulting. Looking to get your business pages set up and geared to be appealing to visitors? Maybe you already have a page but have been unhappy with its results. In either case, I can show you what you need to know on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google + to build engagement.

These services are geared at companies serious about growing their brands who may have staff in-house to handle it. They may simply need some additional training or want someone like myself to know they can call from time to time when needs arise. This tends be be more affordable than outsourcing the work entirely, and allows a business to add some additional tools to its toolbox without making major changes to its budget.

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