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Brian Watkins SEO writing in Greensboro Winston SalemYour website is the digital face of your business. It markets for you all the time, even when you’re done for the day and spending time with your family. The type of message you send when presenting your products and services changes everything, even down to the typography. Design aside, this is where SEO writing is important.

SEO writing is a blend of technical skills and creative ones, but the best approaches are those where the reader is the focus. Sure, there are certain things you do primarily for search engine crawlers, but never at the expense of the right reading experience.

:: SEO involves writing, but not all SEOs can write.

This is where that blend comes into play. The technical end is more accessible; there are a million articles out there about all those aspects of SEO. Anyone with the time and dedication can pick those up from around the web.

But what good is ranking for keywords if users leave the site or don’t engage with it? Strong copy is the core of successful SEO writing.

Between out-of-country outsourcing and some SEOs just writing to fill pages, the web is full of noise. Everybody’s working to build their search rankings, but you can break through by being clear, being personable, and telling your story.

:: What do you get with an SEO that was a writer first?

Good habits. Every word is considered, as is how one sentence flows into another and how logical the progression of paragraphs are. Jargon is avoided whenever feasible. Sentences are clear and convey your message without being overly complicated.

The copy reads well. That means readers stay on the site longer and are more likely to engage with the site (or contact you).

In my case, I was trained to cut the fluff and write persuasively before I learned SEO. I can write to rank, but it always begins with the reader — with being human.

I’m certainly not the only professional writer that has delved into SEO writing, and I’m probably not the best out there. But this is a skill not everyone in the profession has, and of all the debatable aspects of SEO this is the one constant. Quality content matters.

Think about it this way, as put by Red Adair. “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, just wait till you hire an amateur.”

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:: Brian Watkins

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