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SEO training and consulting services

SEO consulting is a viable alternative for businesses that want to get aggressive but aren’t looking to outsource to an SEO firm. Hiring a reputable firm can indeed produce big results, but it’s not the only way to turn your website into a sales machine.

SEO is teachable.

Your marketing or admin staff may not be very familiar with the intricacies of website management and SEO, but that doesn’t mean they can’t establish a strong presence for your business with the right guidance. The nuts and bolts of a good SEO campaign can be taught.

Like many things, you don’t have to be a master to get appreciable results. Arming yourself with solid foundational knowledge can make a big difference in how you craft content and direct your website. This allows your staff to efficiently do the things with the biggest bang for the buck early on and continue to build on the campaign for years to come.

SEO consulting helps you and your staff answer questions like:

  • What software should I use, and what ones are just fluff?
  • What are the biggest pain points for my website and what fixes are highest priority?
  • How do I research keywords and select topics to build content around?
  • What do I need to keep in mind as I build content and leverage social media channels?

Keeping your SEO in-house allows for an ideal level of accountability as well. You can directly oversee work flow and make informed decisions about new initiatives. Review your own reports and stats any time, and re-prioritize on the fly where needed.

For Greensboro and Winston Salem businesses, that means affordable solutions for controlling your brand and converting more web traffic.

SEO is about people, too.

For years the buzz about SEO was focused on getting more traffic. Obviously your site can’t generate sales or phone calls without traffic, but that traffic has to trust you before they’ll do that.

SEO is about people at its core, even though the efforts are geared toward search engines. It makes sense — after all, search engines exist to serve people as well. Google and Bing are about helping their user base get the best answers to their questions.

There are the bigger and more obvious parts of a website that go into this, such as how easy the site is to navigate and how accessible the information is. But there are more subtle aspects of site content that create just as big of an impact.

Creating headlines, crafting your story and your site copy, and elements to use to guide a reader toward a decision are nuanced things. But the difference between a site that advertises and a side that generates sales is almost always these things.

Tell your story and build loyal customers

Did you know that even things like what color buttons are, how you phrase call to action text on opt-in forms, and the tone you use in your content are big contributors to improving conversion rate? (Conversion rate is basically the total visitors versus how many of them took an action.)

When in doubt you can hone this in through A/B testing, but you can shorthand that with SEO consulting by working with someone that studies this every day.

One big thing that makes me different than other SEOs you may have talked to is that I was a writer first. In my experience folks that put too much focus on the technical stuff forget about the human element of this field. By studying language academically, then personally for over 10 years, I have a different perspective when I approach a website.

SEO consulting services include:

  • Creating a website foundation that allows for solid initial indexing and for all other efforts to build upon
  • Optimizing existing content and an easy to follow format for new material
  • How to do keyword research and draw conclusions about traffic figures
  • How to set up maps and local directory listings

Discuss your online marketing plans and to see how SEO consulting services can ramp up your customer base!

I primarily work with businesses in the Winston Salem and Greensboro areas of NC, but there’s no reason we can’t work together to the same effect if you’re elsewhere. Reach out to me and we’ll make it happen!

:: Brian Watkins

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