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Copy. From printed materials like brochures and flyers to display ads and the verbal portions of websites, copywriting forms the written component of what users engage with. The term copywriter originally meant someone who wrote advertising copy, but has come to encompass a wide range of business communication.

.:: Copywriting and the web.

When it comes to a company’s web presence, words matter as much as any visual element. It’s essential to capture attention and showcase services clearly in our fast-paced digital world. A lot of companies invest money into promoting their website and increasing their search rankings, but the impression their visitors receive once on the site is just as important. After all, what good is extra traffic if the visitors don’t take action?

Tell your story and build loyal customers

Successful copywriting involves anticipating the audience and tailoring the message to read well and inspire action. Good copywriting is often invisible, as the reader will notice if the wording is clumsy, but if done well it will feel natural and the mind will just accept it as the eye scans. Sometimes it needs to be short and punchy. Other times the material needs to tell a story and evoke feeling.

Print Copywriting Services

From brochure material to a press release to get the word out about something new at your company, you’re dealing with what could be a single opportunity to grab some attention.

Are your key points conveyed early? Does the content scan well? Creating strong copy is more than just proofreading for typos — you’re creating a voice to spur action. Give them something to think about.

Web Copywriting Services

Let’s face it: your website is the digital face of your business. Everything from the layout, colors, and imagery used affects the user experience, as does the type face and spacing. It’s true for any site, but particularly for those showcasing products or services, your readers will decide in the first few seconds whether they’re staying or not.

Making things easy to find is part of a good design, and making the written portion easy to follow and for the user to get answers to their questions is the key component to a phone call or quote request.

And if you’re looking to build your search rankings? You owe it to your business to work with someone that sees SEO copywriting as an art form and not a numbers game.

For these and other types of writing applications, contact me to discuss your next project. I’m in the Winston Salem area of NC, but can work with anyone in the US because hey — technology is our friend.

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