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After being in the SEO industry for many years, I decided a year ago to develop SEO coaching services to help different segments of business owners. To do a good job and really get results, I found that the $300-800/month area a lot of SEOs played in just didn’t fit. And with the number of accounts I took over from others, the proof was in the pudding.

But the trouble is that, despite the growth I’ve gotten for clients, not everyone is in a position to afford a higher tier of services. One lesson I learned the hard way years ago in business is not to offer a diluted version of my services to try to meet lower budgets, because what tends to happen is it’s not successful and then no one is happy.

The idea behind SEO coaching services for me was to have a way to help those businesses in a way that works for everyone involved. For the type of business that has staff members willing to do some internal marketing, willing to learn some new tricks, this creates a powerful new solution for moving their site forward.

Module I of the coaching plan covers the following:

  • How to do keyword research and compile a list of targets
  • How to do some basic competitor analysis and hone your presentation
  • Basics of white hat vs. black hat techniques
  • How to craft meta titles and descriptions
  • How to create an optimized page or blog post, and the various components that go into that
  • Setting up Google Local accounts if those haven’t been done

These are the strongest core items you must know to do any kind of effective SEO campaign. There’s more to learn beyond this, but if you knew nothing more than these things and did them well (and consistently) you’d see measurable results.

Module II of the SEO coaching covers:

  • Reviewing reports, drawing conclusions, and refining the content
  • Internal linking and creating silos
  • External link building strategies
  • Writing guides for style, engagement, and conversion
  • Site design elements that affect conversion

These are some of the next level bits of knowledge needed to run strong SEO campaigns, and act as a natural progression to module I.

If you own a small business and are interesting in learning how to do your own SEO, let’s connect. It doesn’t have to be mysterious or frustrating. With the right guidance and commitment, you can put your business right where it needs to be: in front of the eyes.

And because my background deals in writing and psychology, you’ll also be learning techniques to turn those visitors into your next clients.

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