Hey there. I’m Brian Watkins.

Writer, Youtuber, Tech Enthusiast.

I blog about how technology changes the way we communicate and live, as well as finding inspiration in art and work alike. Stimulating a conversation is a huge reward, and if my journey can be useful to others, all the better.

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This is my personal blog, where I largely talk about projects I’m working on, commentary on the digital space, and self development stuff. In the latter case, it’s often sharing tidbits from my own journey in the hopes that they are useful to someone else with similar aims without being preachy or hypey.

I started this blog as a creative outlet and platform to share some of my work. But over the years it’s grown into part creative space, part business site related to who I am as a professional. I’ve always believed that no matter where you work or what you’re working on, it shouldn’t be what defines you. One should always be developing oneself.

Having floated between agencies and being a solopreneur, having a consistent place to hang my hat online has allowed for unbroken momentum putting myself out there.

Latest Posts

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Quick Draw Diagnoses

I wanted to build upon my last post about the dangers of going overboard with labels by exploring lazy diagnoses. Like a cowboy with his hands drawn by his holsters, ready for some fast hip shooting, society seems equally prone to slap medical labels on everything.