Advances in Artificial ‘Solar Leaf’ Technology

I’d blogged years ago about an artificial leaf technology that was a potential step forward for energy production. Recently I caught a glimpse of an update on that solar research (thanks Matt!) and it got me thinking about energy production in general. The aim of this particular research is to
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Fenix Flashlight Review: The E12 (1xAA)

As the successor to the excellent Fenix E11, the E12 takes the proven versatility of AA flashlights and brings some new features to the table. Features Overview: Takes one AA battery (Ni-MH or Alkaline) Three output modes: 130 lumens HIGH, 50 lumens MEDIUM, and 8 lumens LOW Battery life of 1.5 hours
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Google On Being A Gateway To The Web

In a recent news story Germany calls for Google to reveal its algorithms in the name of transparency, which prompted a response from the Google Europe blog. I support Google’s refusal to share their algorithm, as I don’t think a company should be forced to surrender intellectual property just because
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