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Dodging The Linkedin White Lie

The timing of reading Erika Napoletano’s post on Linkedin endorsements and seeing an aspect of it in action was perfect this morning. While I went through my social media related emails I noticed I’d gotten a connect request on Linkedin from a local journalist. My interest was piqued despite it being a bland, default connect […]

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Linkedin Endorsements: Playing Devil’s Advocate

Linkedin recently introduced a new feature that allows your connections to endorse specific skills you’ve listed on your profile in addition to the general recommendation they can write about you. This is great validation, in theory, of a person’s skills. Anybody can claim they are great at SEO, for example, but one person having 50 […]

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Google’s New Algorithm Against Content Theft

As mentioned in a recent Hubspot blog post, Google is launching a new initiative against stolen web content. Users will apparently have the ability to report certain sites of stealing content, and if it can be maintained in court the website will be de-indexed by Google. The downside is that this only happens if it […]

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Fortune Tellers and Viral Marketing

Everybody wants a viral marketing campaign. Some will pursue it with the fervor of Loch Ness, and finding success at it can be just as elusive. The truth that many marketers don’t want to admit is that no one ever knows a given video is going to “go viral”. Think of all the TV commercials […]

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