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Why You Should Avoid Popup Subscription Boxes

Having a good call to action is important for any sales-driven website, but timing is everything. Websites that engage a popup prompting the reader to subscribe to a newsletter after an article loads are annoying. Ask yourself: would this sales tactic work anywhere else? Imagine a face-to-face sales meeting where after saying hello and shaking […]

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With Or Without www In Domains – SEO FYIs

Sites that include the ‘www’ are becoming less common these days, but that’s not surprising. In the early days of web searches the ‘www’ helped distinguish a website’s domain versus key phrases. Remember the old “Find us using AOL keyword X” commercials? Now that the internet is a staple in most people’s daily lives, saying […]

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WordPress Robots.txt and Search Engine Indexing

In WordPress Settings->Reading you’ll see a check box entitled “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” This seems like a good idea when you’ve just created a site, as you are probably not ready for the world to see it just yet. Before selecting this option, however, there are a few things you should know. […]

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Facebook’s Gameable Abuse Policy

“This Message Contains Blocked Content: Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.” Delightfully mysterious, eh? I’ve had people ask me about this in the past, and more recently I’ve started seeing it firsthand. If you’ve ever seen this message you’ve probably been shocked, scrutinizing every detail of your message […]

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Are You Advertising A Mystery Product?

A big challenge in marketing, particularly for small businesses, is thinking one’s message is clearer than it really is. It’s easy when you’re the expert to consider certain things a given, and your own familiarity with your product can make it hard to grasp from an outside perspective. I had a conversation recently with someone […]

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