SEO Mastery With Neil Patel – A Recommendation

There’s trial and error in anything, but we can all shorthand our learning by following those with a track record of success. One blog in particular I can recommend is Neil Patel’s blog. There are a lot of SEO blogs out there; let me tell you why this one. Nothing
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Why Spying On Competitors Isn’t Helping You (Or Your SEO)

Being aware of what your competition is doing is obviously useful, but basing too much of your strategy on them is, in my opinion, a mistake. There’s a lot of software out there that helps businesses see what their competitors are up to — especially in SEO. The selling point
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Ditch the Fluffy Intro Paragraph: The Void of Lost Readers

One of the biggest sources of lost readers: the fluffy intro paragraph. Here’s why it’s costing you sales and how you can craft concise, powerful openers instead. (See what I did there?) I know it’s tempting, and it feels natural. I’ve done it my share of times, too, and paid
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