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A Return To The Raw

…the fact that I’ve fallen woefully out of balance with the artistic side of myself has recently been suffocating. Like many things, a discomfort we’ve gotten used to becomes invisible until it chokes the life out of us.

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The Carrot, The Stick, and The Collaborative Spirit

One of the greater challenges when things get tight is to keep living in the moment. Otherwise life becomes a series of future dates: due dates for bills, rent/mortgage, and when you expect paychecks. When we fall into this trap each day becomes living for those days in a frantic attempt to meet obligations. We need […]

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The Disconnect In Meaning With Platitudes

Those old sayings that keep getting repeated because they bestow wisdom – how much wisdom do they actually contain? Quite often I’ve seen where the “conventional” meaning of a saying is pretty clear through context and repetition, but if used as an actual rule would become troublesome or confusing. Sometimes they even employ a touch […]

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Do The Work, Don.

Work smarter, not harder — the worst advice ever given, said Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs on a recent podcast with Lewis Howes. As a piece of advice I’ve lived by for so long I was shaken and immensely curious for his explanation. I’ll recap a key part of it and recommend that you listen […]

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