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Fallout 4: Surprising Depth To Nick Valentine

NPCs have come a long way since wooden quest-givers or rigid avatars on tracks behind you with a gun (Fallout 3 and to some degree New Vegas). In Fallout 4 we get all kinds of companions from robots to super mutants. I was drawn to Nick Valentine immediately after a quick read of the wiki […]

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The Dragon Age Mage: Thoughts on Canon

When Dragon Age Origins first hit the scene back in 2009, it felt sort of like the long-awaited Baldur’s Gate 3 I’d joked about with friends for ten years. Set in a similar atmosphere and made by the same company that’d proven itself as a storyteller, lot of gamers had high expectations. There are gripe […]

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Delilah: Fallout New Vegas Companion Mod Review

When you’ve played New Vegas as many times as I have you need some new content to keep it interesting. Fortunately this game and its predecessor, Fallout 3, have a very active modding community. I recommend the Niner companion mod if you haven’t tried it — read my review at the link. Another one I’d like […]

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Niner: Fallout New Vegas Companion Mod Review

Both New Vegas and its predecessor, Fallout 3, have enjoyed an active modding community. From new weapons to new missions, lands, and even characters that can join you. The depth and complexity varies from mod to mod, and I’ve tried quite a lot of them in the years of replays on this game. One in particular […]

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