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Putting Your Shoes On In The Dark

Sometimes the results were cool, other times not. It was an intriguing process nonetheless, as it forced me to rely on intuition and careful planning rather than trial by error. There was a central theme there: we can limit ourselves by “checking” frequently.

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Planning Big With 10x Thinking

Many business folks plan conservatively – myself included – thinking that it’s better to be realistic than over-plan and under-deliver. The Strategic Coach Inc. founder Dan Sullivan disagrees. “Some entrepreneurs still think that 10x is too daunting or overwhelming to think about,” says Sullivan. “For those people, even growth by 2x may seem like a […]

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Personal Branding

I’d opted a few years ago for a creative title, and Dreaming In Abstract was born. I got a lot of thoughts out and some great feedback along the way, but I’d like to take that concept a step further.

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Audio Bliss: Denon AH-D5000 Review

[Review also posted at ezines.] Straight from the box these headphones will make you stop and simply look them over for a moment. The beauty of the mahogany cups against the sleek magnesium frame immediately demands notice. They are certainly not heavy as other high-end cans, despite what you might think. While they certainly aren’t […]

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