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Rooting The Pantech Breakout

Here is an awesome step by step guide to admin your Pantech Breakout. This link includes every step needed as well as download links for all files required. I’ve included a couple things to remember that were a minor challenge for me: Enabling USB debugging is done through Settings->Applications->Development When you first connect the Pantech […]

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New Search Ranking Signals

Is Google’s Link System Broken? The trouble with being a search engine giant like Google is that once you become the premier place to “get found” people will always find ways to game the system. SEO has carried a negative connotation in some regards for years, as many black hat practices involved exploiting the system […]

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Careerbuilder’s Upgrade Needs An Upgrade

Five seconds ago they touted how they were the best free job service out there, and now they’re basically admitting that without spending money you won’t get any results. Following this logic then, they’ve then just admitted they over-inflated the outcome of one service, so why should we believe what they’re claiming about another?

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Putting Your Shoes On In The Dark

Sometimes the results were cool, other times not. It was an intriguing process nonetheless, as it forced me to rely on intuition and careful planning rather than trial by error. There was a central theme there: we can limit ourselves by “checking” frequently.

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Planning Big With 10x Thinking

Many business folks plan conservatively – myself included – thinking that it’s better to be realistic than over-plan and under-deliver. The Strategic Coach Inc. founder Dan Sullivan disagrees. “Some entrepreneurs still think that 10x is too daunting or overwhelming to think about,” says Sullivan. “For those people, even growth by 2x may seem like a […]

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