Who Is Brian Watkins?

Brian Watkins - SEO WriterWriter, YouTuber, and lifelong tech enthusiast. Content strategist with a passion for blending psychological principles with creative voice. Web design and SEO consultant.

Phew. That chunk of descriptors doesn’t tell my story, but it’s a start.

I started this blog as a creative outlet and platform to share some of my work. But over the years it’s grown into part creative space, part business site related to who I am as a professional. I’ve always believed that no matter where you work or what you’re working on, it shouldn’t be what defines you. One should always be developing oneself.

Having floated between agencies and being a solopreneur, having a consistent place to hang my hat online has allowed for unbroken momentum putting myself out there.

I’ve blogged a lot about frustrations, mistakes, and growth as I stumble through my journey. We learn from each other through stories and I’ve always tried to inspire others with them. But blogging has equally been a way for me to work through my demons, to get feedback, and to grow as a writer.

My SEO & Coaching Work

From agency work to solo projects, I’ve had the pleasure of running some great campaigns. As rewarding as those experiences were, I started thinking about coaching in 2016 for two main reasons:

  1. A lot of local businesses aren’t at a point where they can afford the kinds of big SEO campaigns that dominate, but they still need the help.
  2. There are unfortunately a lot of folks in the industry that don’t do what they say they’ll do. A lot of business owners are frustrated and lost, and don’t know enough to discern reliable SEOs or do the work themselves.

What if I could help people accomplish both?

The idea behind my SEO coaching is to give folks the basic tools and knowledge they need to focus their content, target the right people, and have a real shot at being an authority in their local rankings. And just as importantly, more affordably than hiring an agency for an ongoing campaign.

Video & Blogging

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with communication — particularly in how evolving technology has shaped human connection. For good or ill.

I’ve been blogging for a long time, starting with little websites I made as a teenager. That grow into Livejournal when that was new, and then years later more “official” personal blogs like this one. Of all the things I’ve written about, there was one pattern that ran throughout: stories, growing as people, finding connection, and trying to succeed in a digital landscape.

But what kind of observer of the web would I be if I didn’t heed to the demand for video content these days?

It actually felt pretty natural to jump into that space. As a kid I’d used a tape recorder in my radio to make 12 year old equivalents of what were basically podcasts, and video itself has been immensely helpful in developing more social confidence. After all, once you start putting your face in front of YouTube users at large the leap to public speaking more like a hop.

I have a YouTube channel called Digimorphosis where I cover similar topics, from writing and gadgets to blockchain.

Some Quotes I Like

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”
– Mark Twain

“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”
– Stephen King

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”
– Arthur Schopenhauer

SEO Coaching & Consulting

I teach small business owners how to get more clients from their websites without having to outsource.

Samples of My Work

See samples of my work, from creative and research pieces to SEO articles and product pages.

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