Hi there. I’m Brian Watkins.

Brian Watkins - Writing and SEOI’m a writer who is fascinated by the nuance of language, and how technology changes the way we communicate and do business. I’ve worked in marketing as a writer and technical problem solver since 2007, and blog about this evolution as it relates to our digimorphosis.

When it comes to both marketing and SEO, there is a ton of fluff and crap in the industry. When I write about those topics I want to give it straight; no BS what’s worked for me and what hasn’t.

Learning Is Forgetting

I hit the delete key and he was gone forever. The last piece of a past that'd haunted me. But more than just removing a toxic person from my life, I'd put aside another hurdle. That's a concept [...]

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SEO Mastery With Neil Patel – A Recommendation

There's trial and error in anything, but we can all shorthand our learning by following those with a track record of success. One blog in particular I can recommend is Neil Patel's blog. There are [...]

Fallout 4: Surprising Depth To Nick Valentine

NPCs have come a long way since wooden quest-givers or rigid avatars on tracks behind you with a gun (Fallout 3 and to some degree New Vegas). In Fallout 4 we get all kinds of [...]

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Free Yourself: Do More By Insisting Upon Less

It's easy to think as a business owner that doing business is primarily the customer's choice. We want more business, so as long as we can do the job ethically and to the parameters asked [...]

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Winning, and Learning

Everywhere you look there seems to be advice about how we learn through failure and why we should embrace it. I can see the merits to that — hell I've even blogged the platitude. But in [...]

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